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Assault and Battery

Staten Island Attorneys Help Clients Charged with Assault

Experienced lawyers defend New Yorkers facing assault and battery charges

“Assault and battery” is a commonly used term, but under New York law, the actual charge for intentionally injuring someone is just assault. The simple term, however, involves complex categories. Since 1998, the Staten Island firm of Gregg & Associates P.C. has represented clients throughout the tri-state area facing all levels of assault charges — even the most serious. We understand the distinctions within the assault classifications and how best to defend you against them.

Defenses for a range of assault allegations

Our criminal defense attorneys formulate strategies based on the specific facts of your case. Some common assault defenses are to:

  • Dispute the facts. We investigate to uncover inconsistencies and challenge specific evidence, such as witness testimony and medical reports.
  • Claim self-defense. If your assault was necessary to prevent harm to you or another person, it may have been justified under the law.

Assault involves intentionally causing physical injury to another. Assault charges in New York have three degrees of severity:

  • Third-degree assault. This is commonly referred to as simple assault. It is a misdemeanor, and the penalty for conviction is up to one year in jail. Examples include punching or pushing someone hard enough to cause lasting pain.
  • Second-degree assault. This charge requires that you intended to commit serious bodily harm. Even if the harm was only minor, you could still face this charge. This is a Class D felony and carries a prison sentence of up to seven years. Examples include breaking someone’s bones or causing an injury that requires stitches.
  • First-degree assault. This is the most severe form of assault, involving the use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. Punishment for this Class B violent felony is a mandatory prison sentence of five years, up to 30 years. Examples include stabbing or shooting someone without causing death.

Regardless of the degree of assault with which you are charged, the criminal defense attorneys at Gregg & Associates can help protect your rights and pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

Benefits of using a skilled New York assault defense lawyer

When you face any assault charge, your freedom is at risk. If your case involves a weapon or a severe injury, or it is your second or third offense, the penalty for conviction can be severe. Even a minor assault will stay on your record forever.

It is essential to trust your case to an experienced assault defense attorney. Our lawyers always strive for acquittal. We may also help you plea bargain a favorable agreement. If you take your case to trial and are convicted, our sentencing advocacy can help you present a convincing argument for a reduced sentence.

Contact an experienced assault defense attorney in Staten Island, NY

Gregg & Associates P.C. offers a free initial consultation at our Staten Island office. If you are facing any level of assault charge, please contact our criminal defense attorneys to discuss your case and see how we can help. To schedule a consultation, please call us at 866-308-3353 or contact us online.

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