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Staten Island Defense Attorneys Protect Clients’ Rights in Criminal Cases

Passionate lawyers provide aggressive representation for serious charges

A criminal charge has the potential to affect your life for years to come. When the stakes are so high, it’s important to have a qualified criminal defense attorney at your side. The attorneys at Gregg & Associates P.C. have provided honest and attentive criminal defense representation to clients throughout New York City and the surrounding areas since 1998. Whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, our knowledgeable team of attorneys will build a strong defense to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Knowledgeable attorneys offer comprehensive criminal defense

Whether you are facing charges related to a violent crime, a property crime or another offense, we are dedicated to protecting your rights at every step of the criminal justice process, from pre-arrest questioning through arraignment, trial and beyond. Our firm provides comprehensive representation for all types of criminal charges, including:

  • Violent crimes — New York’s penal law has some of the most severe punishments for violent crimes in the nation. But people accused of violent crimes are often innocent, caught up in a misunderstanding, a self-defense situation or even false accusations. If you have been accused of a violent crime such as assault or robbery, including crimes involving weapons, we can present a solid defense to put your case in the best possible position.
  • Property crimes — Although crimes involving the unauthorized taking of someone else’s property may not involve violence, they are likely to be vigorously prosecuted in New York, even if the person charged was wrongfully accused or simply made a mistake. If you have been charged with an offense such as theft, burglary, identity theft or forgery, we will review the circumstances of your case to develop the best defense strategy.
  • Drug crimes — Many drug-related crimes carry severe penalties upon conviction, potentially affecting your ability to get a job, a loan, or even a place to live. If you are facing a drug charge, we will review the circumstances for possible defenses, such as improper search and seizure, to get the charges dismissed or reduced.
  • Traffic offenses — A conviction for DUI/DWI or another serious traffic offense can have long-term negative consequences on your life and livelihood, especially if you need to drive for work. We will fight to protect your rights by pursuing an appropriate defense.

Regardless of the criminal charges you face, we will focus on developing a winning strategy to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Established New York firm provides strong defense in felony and misdemeanor cases

A criminal conviction carries a wide range of potential outcomes depending on the severity of the crime and prior convictions. New York, like most states, classifies crimes in two broad categories:

  • Felonies — A felony is a serious offense that results in severe harm to a person or property. Felonies are broken into subclasses based on their severity, ranging range from Class A, for murder and treason, to Class E, which includes grand larceny. A felony conviction can result in a prison sentence of one year or longer, along with substantial fines, and people convicted of a Class A felony may be imprisoned for life. Convicted felons may also lose their voting rights and professional licenses.
  • Misdemeanors — A misdemeanor is a lesser offense than a felony and is punishable by a minimum of 15 days up to a maximum of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. New York has three subclasses of misdemeanors, which include Class A, Class B and unclassified misdemeanors. Examples of misdemeanors under New York law include carrying a gun without a permit (Class A), prostitution (Class B) and first-time driving while intoxicated (unclassified).

Regardless of the charges you face, our team of attorneys will make an aggressive effort to protect your rights and reputation. We will take the time to understand the circumstances of your case, offer an honest assessment of your options and develop a strong defense aimed at eliminating or reducing the charges against you.

Contact a New York criminal defense attorney for a free initial consultation

When facing criminal charges of any kind, you deserve a qualified defense lawyer as soon as possible to establish a sound strategy that protects your rights. Please call Gregg & Associates P.C. at 866-308-3353 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Staten Island office.

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Even if you’ve been falsely accused of a crime, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer, who can protect your rights. Our criminal justice system is adversarial by nature, and unrepresented defendants are at a significant disadvantage against a professional prosecutor, even when they are completely innocent. Even if you aren’t ready to hire a Staten Island criminal defense attorney, you can consult one on a limited basis and still enjoy full attorney-client privilege.
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