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Drug Crimes

New York Drug Crime Defense Attorneys Protect Your Rights

Serious drug offenses require a serious criminal defense

New York has a complex system of drug crime categorization, which can make it difficult for most defendants to understand the charges and to mount a viable defense. The criminal defense attorneys at Gregg & Associates P.C. in Staten Island understand the nuances of New York drug laws and provide the caliber of defense you can expect from a firm that has represented New Yorkers for more than 20 years.

Potential drug crime defenses

Our attorneys can challenge drug charges by investigating several possible defenses, including whether:

  • Police had probable cause to stop or search you or your property.
  • Police followed proper procedure throughout the arrest.
  • The chain of custody rules were followed.
  • The lab test procedures and results are proper.
  • You intended to possess or distribute the controlled substance.
  • You know you possessed the substance.
  • Your possession was for personal use.
  • Authorities set up and entrapped you.

The range of drug charges in New York

You could face a single charge or multiple charges in any single case. The list of possible drug charges in New York is long and includes:

  • Possession of a controlled substance. Simply having on your person or in your vehicle or residence any illegal substance.
  • Possession with intent to distribute. The same as possession, except the volume of drugs is sufficient that the court can presume your intent to sell or distribute it.
  • Sale or distribution of a controlled substance. Complete a sale of a controlled substance
  • Operating as a major trafficker. Direct a major drug organization or profit from the sale or possess a controlled substance valued at more than $75,000.
  • Conspiracy. Collaborate with one or more persons to commit a drug crime.
  • Prescription drug fraud. A medical professional illegally prescribes or dispenses prescription drugs that are not medically necessary.

Each of these crimes carries different degrees of penalties. A number of factors impact the severity of the penalty for a drug crime conviction.  These factors include:

  • The substance involved. For example, heroin crimes carry heftier penalties than marijuana crimes.
  • The volume of drug. The larger the volume, the worse the penalty.
  • Your intent to sell. Possession of drugs for personal use charges usually carry less severe penalties.
  • Whether you were you armed. Weapons possession enhances penalties.
  • Whether you have a prior drug conviction. Subsequent convictions carry higher penalties, especially if the prior conviction was a felony.

Because the penalties vary greatly depending on these factors, it is essential to have a skilled criminal defense attorney from Gregg & Associates, P.C. on your side to provide the court with the most persuasive facts on your behalf.

Benefits of using a New York drug defense lawyer

Even a simple possession charge comes with risks, including a fine and a permanent mark on your record. It can provide the basis for more severe penalties if you are arrested again on a drug charge.

It’s important to have a drug offense attorney who applies the best strategy for acquittal or who can negotiate the most favorable plea agreement. In the event of a conviction, an attorney can help persuade the judge to impose the minimum sentence.

If you are facing your first offense, our attorneys may be able to negotiate an abbreviation for adjournment (ACD). This allows you to clear your record if you stay out of trouble for six months.

Contact an experienced drug defense attorney in Staten Island, NY

If you are facing a drug-related charge, don’t hesitate to discuss your case with Gregg & Associates P.C. to see how we can help. We offer a free initial consultation at our Staten Island office. If you are facing a drug-related charge, don’t hesitate to discuss your case with us to see how we can help. To schedule a consultation, please call us at 866-308-3353 or contact us online.

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